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Exuma Bahamas offers some of the greatest Bonefishing in the world. Let me be your guide for a day or even a week. I'd be pleased to share some of my island paradise with you.

"I had a great half day on the water with Captain Stevie Ferguson this July. I’ve found four characteristics that make a great bonefish guide, and Stevie nails all of them: 1) he knows the local water extremely well, 2) he works hard to find fish, 3) he provides useful coaching in a constructive way, and 4) man, can he spot fish!" Omar Moneim 7/16/2018

"Stevie is the only guy to go with in Exuma. Thanks again!"  Brad Walters 1/22/2011

Stevie Featured in Air Canada`s EnRoute Magazine ! December 2010                                                           After running the boat through a maze of sandy cays and mangrove channels, my fishing guide, Stevie Ferguson, pulls back on the throttle. We coast to a stop on the edge of a wide, deserted tidal flat – a pane of clear, knee-deep water stretching to the horizon and its distant grandiose clouds. The silence is so dramatic, I feel obliged to whisper. I get out my fly rod, taking care not to clunk the side of the boat. “Beautiful spot,” I tell Stevie. “Oh yeah, man,” he murmurs. “Nice spot.”

Six foot plus and built like a wrestler, Stevie climbs up on the elevated platform at the rear of the skiff, where he takes a minute to spray and polish his sunglasses. One of the hardest things about hunting bonefish is seeing them, and even a good guide can easily put in an hour of hard work before catching sight of some. The people on Great Exuma say no one can spot fish like Stevie; born on the island, he has been guiding since he was 12 years old. He slips on his sunglasses – “You ready, boss?” – leans against his pole and pushes us forward into the realm of our prey. After 20 minutes of silent prowling, Stevie breathes the magic words: “Bonefish, 12 o’clock.”              
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"Thank you Stevie for making a dream come true.The experience I had fishing with you was better than I could have imagined and then some.To everyone else when you visit Exuma, Stevie's your man." Carl from Michigan 12/14/2010

Stevie Ferguson (I'm the one the left)


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